Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Peace of Mind

Lake Chabot

Here along Lake Chabot, 
My mind kicks off its boots, 
My soul drops its heavy pack.
Among ferns and horsetails, 
Where water gently ripples, 
my heart says ahhhh. 
Every bird song awakens me.
Every stray cloud a breath of mine.
Every cricket my own pulse.
Every leaf my own skin. 
Here the Star Thistles prompt
Knowing I will soon forget--
I am the universe and 
The universe is me. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Center Line

Road to Yosemite 
At dusk on a two-lane road 
that curves like a Z, the
strip of paint that marks
a border between life and death
suddenly seems to glow
for me. 
How easily one can veer, 
I think. Take care.

A trespass by a hair
can spell the end 
of the road,
so to speak. 
Today's paper 
tells of a head-on 
in Wyoming
that killed three Boy Scouts, 
a toddler,  and a man 
whose car crossed 
the center line 
last night.
It’s only chance 
they strayed across 
the line just as I 
was measuring
its power
with a new
and urgent need
to keep my eyes
on it.