Saturday, December 19, 2015

I wish

Suddenly his eyes open with glee
therein--amused as if interrupted 
from a story an old friend is telling--
which makes his face young and handsome again,
the sight of which takes my breath. 
I lean over the rail of the hospital bed, my face above his, 
a strange joy surging in me
to see him again so unencumbered. 
I take his hand in mine, shyly, because I have not
taken his hand enough, 
I realize that now, I have been too stingy with this aspect 
and a spark of self hate flares but I ignore it and hold 
his boyish gaze in mine, gulping it down because he has been sick 
so long and so much has been tried to heal him but now 
there is nothing left to try yet he seems not to know 
that time is closing in, he seems amused, 
he seems pleased to see me, pleased to hold my hand. 
I love you, I say, and his pupils shine clear as bubbles 
and glisten with amusement when he says, I love you too, 
and for a long time our eyes can not move and then his close again.
I do not know this is the last time but I do know he closes them 
without fear or regret, without worry and woe, without memory, 
anger, pain. That's how it seems to me. 
I could say I wish I knew for sure but what I know 
is enough.