Thursday, November 28, 2013

The view one recent morning

It rained lightly this morning. 
A rare thing around here. 
A good time to visit the wood  nearby. 
Inhale its air, clotted with wild scents. 

A redwood stump 7 feet tall, 
wide and dark as a bear, stands alone, 
wounded, beside the path. 
What whacked its crown off in its prime?  

A bird quacks hysterically in the branches. 
Why this racket? 
Some quarrel over a nest or meal no doubt. 

A plane roars past overhead. Who is looking down from those tiny windows?
Are they worried?

Some little leaves holler
Yellow! Yellow! We are yellow! 

Under my feet, a wet carpet of wood chips. 
So soft, my boots sink lower and lower. 

Trees large and small, some bare, some thick with needles, 
bend over the San Leandro Creek and across my path. 
What chooses which way they'll bow, when they'll grow 
tall, when they'll give up and fall? 

The creek lays still and dark as a graveyard. 
Tiny winged creatures leap in and out of the creek, 
some swim in circles, bumping leaves that just float
accepting whatever comes. 

Suddenly the sun slices through the cloud. 
I feel as if I've been standing alone 
in a dark temple 
and all the lights have just gone on 
and people are streaming in. 
Awake now, I turn back to my car.