Sunday, April 15, 2012


It unnerves me really.
This glance in my rearview mirror.
This long line crawling behind me
Splashing up rain with wipers like sensors,
Long and twitching against glass, 
Mine groaning loudly.
It unnerves me really.
A swarm 
of chemically driven beings,  
Rolling behind me
And me 
Rolling behind them

Their luminous eyes
Unblinking, reflected as fangs 
Dragging in the stream
Automatically, in a trance, 
A long line of lone
Segmented creatures 
Swept along as one
But with separate purpose and
Self propelled but synchronized
As one compound living thing.
As one breathing, slow-moving being.
Not joined or even touching

Unless viewed from the Moon
or my rearview mirror

When it's clear we are one driven being. 
Only one. 
Bending in the gale.

Copyright (c) 2012 Ellen McCarthy. All rights reserved.