Friday, August 22, 2014

Letter to my body

Body, body, my beloved
from the moment, from that very instant one
invisible fish out-swam a hundred million 
others into that beautiful moon in the mother 
sea and in a dazzling burst made you, 
these coveted days of sleep and wakefulness
are being counted precisely in a secret clock 
and from the moment I knew it was I 
in the cradle I tried to crawl away from the clock, 
I have cried and begged for a world without time,
but you dear body are a ticking time bomb, 
because of you I will not sleep for a hundred years, 
I will not be restored by the kiss of a handsome prince.
You are moving me on a conveyor belt back
into that miracle of nothing-something. 
There is nothing because you are made from it,
you are the puppet of time-space-magic
but so are the stars, so is all matter--
time will ooze from all of it and then 
who knows? Another world remade
from your teeth and hair?
Every single atom rekindled?
Into other miracles I commend you, 
my body, myself.