Monday, March 12, 2012

Forever Doesn't Scare Me Anymore

How do you like eternity, mother?
Is it like we talked about, hoped it’d be?
Or did you flee this forsaken rock
To vanish
With countless blazing galaxies
Into oblivion?
You who were so brave, so lavish
Are now, what?
A nameless bit of dust
Through the cosmic tomb?
A newborn sun
Scattering light
Across the dark, soundless chasm?
Do my prayers have any power?
If so, you’re heaven’s seraph,
Secure in everlasting fellowship.

I’m listening for an answer.
But only utter stillness
Stands between us, as if forever.

And yet, forever dosn’t 
Scare me anymore,
Now that you’re there.

 Copyright (c) 2012 Ellen McCarthy. All rights reserved.