Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A beautiful lie

There is a barrier between us 
and the dead; 
not even physics can explain 
where they move 
but they do move 
through a light source 
of their own. 

You can see them now and then 
but only from the corners 
of your eyes before they vanish
in a sudden flash 
like when a light bulb fails.
It can make your heart thrash. 

They are good listeners. 
That's all they do 
because the next world 
can't get through a barrier 
not even physics can explain 
and atheists disdain 
and the faithful sustain. 

A soul steps from worn out armor 
into the immaterial home 
and no one alive can be that happy. 

There is a barrier between us 
but they want for nothing. 
They wait for their own happiness 
to grow. 
And they will greet us, their dearly beloveds. 

There is a barrier between us 
but they do not forget us. 
Eternal without amnesia.  
Old death and young life entwined 
at once. 
Every moment a first moment. 
The best. It's yet to come. 

Believe it.